Ep. 148, “Beverly Hills Cop Out”

Tonight on Proper Propaganda: New tracks from Jim Jones, Skinny Mars, J Cole, and more, but first, new from Jay Lonzo, “It Takes a Village.”

“It Takes a Village” Jay Lonzo
“KOD” J Cole
“The Glow” Del the Funkee Homosapien & Amp Live
“Diplomatic Immunity” Jim Jones feat. Cam’ron
Interlude: The Daily Show BG Music: “Dillatronic 11” by J Dilla
“The Hustle” Smoke DZA feat. LevyGrey & Bodega Bamz
“Creme of the Crop” Blu & Nottz feat. Versis & Scienze
“American Dream” Skizzy Mars
“Two Pit Bulls” Chuck Strangers
“From the 718” Pete Miser
“When Will They Shoot?” Ice Cube
“Things Done Changed” Notorious B.I.G.
“I Remember” Coolio feat. J-RO & Billy Boy
“Deeper” Boss
“Shakiyla (JRH)” Poor Righteous Teachers
“Rise Up” Andra Day
“Keep it Locked” Pete Miser
“Changes” Tupac

Ep. 147, “4/20 Was An Inside Job”


Tonight on Proper Propaganda: New tracks from Del the Funkee Homosapien, Black Milk, Blu & Nottz, and more, but first, new from J Cole, “Motiv8.”

“Motiv8” J Cole
“The Man” Blu & Nottz feat. Exile
“Help” Del the Funky Homosapien & Amp Live feat. Adult Karate
“The Rebel (Remix)” Black Milk feat. KING PIKEEZY
Interlude: John Oliver BG Music: “Dillatronic 10” by J Dilla
“The Bryan Song” Sean Price & Illa Ghee (feat. Rim)
“Loungin’” [Square Biz Mix] Guru feat. Donald Byrd
“Circle” Pac Div
“The Grind” Erykah Badu feat. Dead Prez
“Best Friend” Apheenx
“From the 718” Pete Miser
“I Can’t Wake Up” KRS ONE
“Friday” Ice Cube
Interlude: “Friday”
“Kush” Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg & Akon
“I Got 5 On It” Luniz
“Everybody Must Get Stoned” Cypress Hill
“Rainy Day Women #12 & 35” Bob Dylan
“Keep it Locked” Pete Miser
“Because I Got High” Afroman

Ep. 146, “The Socialist Network”


Tonight, on Proper Propaganda, new tracks from Chuck Strangers, Artson, Pac Div, Royce da 5 9, and more, but first, new from Blu & Nottz feat. Shateish, “The Truth.”

“The Truth” Blu & Nottz feat. Shateish
“Players of the Year” Pac Div
“You Are Not What You Think You Are” Luniz feat. 4rAx
“Headstone” Flatbush Zombies
Interlude: Zuckerberg on SNL BG Music: “Dillatronic 09” by J Dilla
“Brave Star” Artson
“Guillotine” Ron Solemn
“Class Pictures” Chuck Strangers
“Boblo Boat” Royce da 5’9” feat. J Cole
“From the 718” Pete Miser
“White America” Eminem
“The Revolution” Coolio
Interlude: Key & Peele
“So Many Teachers” Poor Righteous Teachers
“The I.B.W.C. National Anthem” Yo Yo
“Ruffneck” MC Lyte
“Been Caught Stealing (12” Remix)” Jane’s Addiction
“Keep it Locked” Pete Miser
“So Many Tears” Tupac